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Acoustics and Vibration Design Service

The design of all building services requires that any noise sources inherent within the design do not produce excess noise or vibration which may interfere with the intended use of the building or create unacceptable levels of disturbance to the occupants.

The initial selection of plant must be appropriate for the intended building usage and meet any maximum noise limitations stipulated by the client. This would typically apply to the selection of plant which is designed to move air or water through a building, i.e. fans, pumps and their associated distribution systems. For air distribution systems, the selection of ductwork, grilles, diffusers and dampers should be appropriate to maintain noise transmission and generation to acceptable levels. Similarly, for all pipework systems, the selection of pipework, valves and other inline components should be appropriate to maintain noise transmission and generation to acceptable levels.

The above statements would seem obvious on the surface, but the penalties associated with erroneous selection of system components with regards to noise or vibration can be both costly and time consuming to resolve for the design team, installation contractor and the client. Callidus Design have the appropriate skill sets to ensure that all mechanical building service systems are specified with appropriate measures to avoid excessive noise and vibration transmission. Where there is a particular need for specialist noise & vibration analysis on a particular project then Callidus Design engage with third party consultants to meet the client specification.


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